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Archived shows on YouTube can be found here.

About US

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Let's Talk Racing Show is broadcast live on the internet starting at 7pm eastern time. The show is scheduled to run for an hour, but sometimes we get to having a really good conversation with our guests and then times just flies on by. Some of the shows have lasted for about 3 hours.  We will set up a link for the live show, for the archived (raw footage) shows, and the finished shows. We like talking to all sorts of people involved in racing, whether it be stock car racing, rally racing, formula series, dirt racing, iracing, or even boat racing. We have lots of friends/guests on to try to give you different points of view. We will sometimes have crew members, fans, owners, drivers, support staff, and specialists in the racing community to add some spice to our shows. So come on in and enjoy the fun we have with everyone, our shows are mostly upbeat and on a positive theme.

Some of our guests we have had on the show: Kyle Larson, Corey LaJoie, Randy LaJoie, J. J. Yeley, Landon Cassill, Mike Wallace, Danny Myers, Lee Dodson, Derek Kneeland, Joey Meier, Kyle Petty, Ned Jarrett, Robert Richardson, Jr., Terri O'Connell, Casey Mears, Carl Long, Kenny Wallace, Eric Wallace, C.E. Falk, Shawn Balluzzo, Joe Scarbrough, Brian Morehouse, Jason Jarrett, Justin Jarrett, Joey Meier, Candace Muzny, Timothy Peters, Jennifer Jo Cobb, Dan Brode, Brian Keselowski, and many others.


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