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Jun 02

Tony Stewart in Racing Slump

Posted by Kzofsak June 2, 2015      0 Comment(s)

This blog is my own personal perception on the Slump that Tony Stewart has been in so far this year.  There have been so many assumptions out there and people stating things that are untrue without having all the information.  I believe that even though Tony is behind the wheel of that #14 car does not really mean that he is there mentally.  Don't get me wrong Tony has been my favorite driver for over 20 years and I will stick behind him no matter what. I have watched him since the accident with Kevin Ward back in August 2014 and then with his accident and the surgeries that he has gone through and is still looking at another surgery. I Don't understand how people just think that he can just get back in a race car and race like he use to.  I know that he is putting all there is into it but in my opinion I feel that emotional he just is not into racing anymore.  Don't get me wrong I believe that he wants to be involved with the racing scene but just not drive anymore.  Tony has raced with the best drivers out there and has a lot of knowledge when it comes to driving and racing.  If you really look at the whole picture you have to give the guy some credit and admiration for even to be able to get back into a race car and get out on the track and do as well as he has been.  So he has not been up in the front but there are a whole lot of factors involved with the reasons behind that.  There has been a lot of changes with NASCAR rules and all the new adjustments that he has to get used to.  He is old school and that is how Tony races and it has been a little difficult for him to adjust to the new regulations and rules.  Tony will never get out of the racing spectrum if he does decide to give up on the racing he will be involved with helping the young guns come up in the ranks like he did.  He has done so much for so many people that others that want to put him down need to step back and really look at the whole picture before they start running off with accusations.  I might be way off base with this but I felt that I needed to voice my opinion and in hopes that others will read this and look at his situation in a different light.