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Apr 13

Hometown Heroes Night Saturday, April 8

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April 13, 2017

NASCAR Bombers features No. 1 & No. 2 - 25 laps each: Winner: Aaron McMorran won both of his Bomber races of the evening. McMorran finished ahead of Kyle Jacks by .069 if a second in the first Bombers race of the night. The second Bombers race of the night seemingly was won by Sam Jacks, but, car issues forced him back into the pits, and McMorran once again finished ahead of Kyle Jacks by .377 of a second. McMorran thanked all the hometown heros for what they do, and that, this night was for them. Also said that his car was pretty strong, but, not strong enough to beat Sam Jacks, but, car trouble forced him out. He's really impressed by the Jacks boys. Also saying Anything you do in life, you want to do it to the best of your ability, so, when you win 2 races in one night, you feel you achieved something,

NASCAR Super Late Models feature No. 1 - 35 laps: Winner: Justin Johnson finished first in his race. Race win number 51, 4th all time winner at the Bullring. Dennis Rock called Johnson, and wanted him to race for him, and he agreed. Johnson wants to go for a Championship. Peyton Saxton is driving the car Johnson drove last year. J&S Automotive built me a great engine, Johnson said of the car.

USLCI Thunder Cars feature - 15 laps: Winner: Ed Hohman finished his race ahead of Ron Reed. It was Hohman's first win since June 9 2007. Hohman thanked the fans saying, without them, he wouldn't be here. He had to park his car for 4 years, when things got tough, but, was able to get it back together, but, not without having gremlins in it.. He just loves what he's doing, and he's having a blast.

USLCI Bandolero Bandits feature - 12 laps: Winner: Amilleo Thomson finished his race for his first career win. Great job, Amilleo!

USLCI Bandolero Outlaw feature - 15 laps: Winner: Camden Larsen finished his race for his first career win. Great job, Camden!

NASCAR Super Stocks feature - 25 laps: Winner: Mason Sargent finished his race ahead of Court Connell by .306 of a second by taking the lead in turn 4 of the final lap, earning his first win in that division. Sargent took over racing the car for his father, Don. When Sargent was asked about his night, he replied, "Best night ever". He is a seven time Bandolero winner. When asked about the goal he said, we're supposed to come out here and have fun, it's not about winning, or the trophies, it's about having a great time.

USLCI Legends feature - 25 laps: Winner: Tyler Fabozzi finished his race ahead of his mentor T.J. Clark by .294 of a second by making a late race pass. It's his second career win in a Legend car, and his first win since June 4th of last year. Fabozzi said it was a really hectic race from the start, and didn't expect to have to fight that hard the last few laps, when they got that second restart, they were right on to of me, he said. He said the car worked perfect, and he game credit to his T.J Clark.

NASCAR Super Late Models feature No. 2 - 35 laps: Winner: Peyton Saxton finished ahead of Tyler Fabozzi with three laps remaining after contact between the 2 was made in turn 4. It's Saxton's 19th Bullring win, and his 2nd consecutive Super Late Models win. Fabozzi and Saxton raced the Legend cars together, and now they are racing Super Late Models together, which Saxton says is pretty cool. Saxton was on Fabozzi's quarter-panel when the contact happened, which Saxton says was nothing intentional. Saxton tried to get them both, but, it was tough with JJ in the first race, because he had a very fast car, Saxton said.

Racing returns to The Bullring on Saturday, April 22, for Big Rig Racing and Semi Truck Show.

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