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Dec 25

Bruno Carneiro Is Living The Dream

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December 25, 2016

Looking around the Ballroom of the Hofburg Palace, 
Bruno Carneiro felt like pinching himself. Not only was he in Vienna, Austria -- not only was he in a Baroque chateau built in 1279 -- but he also found himself surrounded on all sides by the titans of racing. 
Just a few seats away sat his longtime hero and 3-time Formula One Champion, Lewis Hamilton
Across was F1 Supremo, Bernie Eccelstone
A table away, 2016 Formula One Champion, Nico Rosberg - and near him, 9-time LeMans Champion Tom Kristensen chatted genially with his former teammates and fellow LeMans Champions Emanuelle Pirro and Lucas DiGrassi
All these legends in one room! Was this even real?
Recalling his journey to this impossible gathering, Bruno writes:

"I can't help but look back to when we started karting in 2004. As a kid I always believed I would be a 'race car driver.' 
As the years progressed, I matured in two ways: as my own person, and as my own racer. 
If growing up as a person is tough, believe me, it's even more complicated as a racer. 
Especially when one doesn't have the means to develop your talents in the racing world.

But even now, what I lack in funds I have in abundance with friends and wise mentors to guide me in the right direction. 
They have been with me since the beginning, imparting their knowledge. 
My role in all of this was to believe in the 'impossible.' No, not just believe in it, but work hard to achieve it.

It's funny to realize that what is ahead of me is much harder than anything I've achieved so far. Knowing that makes me want to work twice as hard. I am not daunted. 

Paving my own way to my dreams has led me to do door-to-door fundraising for the past 8 years. Hard as that has been, it has taught me some valuable lessons. 

I have had many frustrations and disappointments, but I have also learned how to smile when a door is slammed in my face and go to the next house with renewed determination. 

In Vienna, before the FIA Prize Giving Gala started, we walked a Red Carpet next to all the Champion cars of 2016. 

There were thousands of fans watching as the big names arrived. 
I saw a lot of kids wearing go-kart team jackets, all vying to get a glimpse of their racing heroes. I realized I was full of the same anxious, excited, boyish feelings at the thought of seeing my own favorite racers. 

Then it occurred to me that I was walking the same Red Carpet they were -- not as a fan, but as one of the night's Champions! 

I suddenly wanted to go back and tell a young boy wearing a CRG jacket that all he had to do was keep believing in the "impossible," as I do.

These days, I hear a lot of people encouraging me, "Hey, Bruno, you're gonna be in F1 soon!"
I'm thankful for their support, but deep inside, I know how hard it is to get to F1. The mountain I have to climb is very steep.

From where I am today, Formula One is still a long road away. It depends on many variables, not the least of which are luck, money, and carefully making the right choices so that not a single year is wasted. In fact, F1 is so far ahead of me that it surely feels "impossible" to get there at all. But as I said, I believe that the "impossible" is possible, and I will work very hard for it."

Now begins Bruno's monumental task of raising enough funds to guarantee the next step on his journey. We are very close to announce what 2017 will bring.  
As a result of his amazing international successes in 2016, many contracts and proposals are coming in, and negotations are very advanced with very recognized and respected brands.
Bruno doesn't let this go to his head. 
"The further we move up, the harder it gets."
He knows that success is sweetest when it comes on the heels of hard work and the support of a beloved community of friends and mentors.
"We are looking for partners and investors that can benefit from assosicating with prestigious and successful companies on the international market and have a worldwide presence.

For now, I feel incredibly grateful to the amazing people who helped make possible everything that happened in China: 
William Lee, that a year ago told me I could win the Championship, Alan and Des Wilson, Ivan Utrera, Ian Lacy, Kent Stacy, Bryce Engelhart, JR Smith, Rich, Tim, Brandon and everyone at Rockwell Time, UMC, John Gardner, my Dad and my family, my fantastic mechanics in China and my wonderful friends and fans in China, USA, Brazil, Portugal, France and Japan,"  -said Bruno Carneiro
For additional information on how to become a sponsor or investor on Bruno's future you can email us at

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