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Sep 02

Back to School Night Presented by Whelen Engineering Saturday, August 26

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September 2, 2017

NASCAR Bombers feature No. 1:  Kyle Jacks and Sam Jacks both won each of their features.  Kyle Jacks won feature No. 1, while brother Sam Jacks won feature No. 2.  Which is believed to be the first brothers double at the track,  Sam said, It's pretty cool, and we've been able to get our cars recently.  It feels good to win this race, because I kind of felt like a punching bag in the first one.  The last three weeks have just been a nightmare trying to get the motors together, and we were putting the motor in this one tonight.  That tells you what kind of people we are.


Kyle said, I really have to thank my dad and Court Connell, who put the motor together for this race.  Lap cars kept spinning out in front of me, and so I just had to keep trying to avoid them.  I guess I did a good job of that.  


USLCI Thunder Cars feature:  Ron Reed won his race by nearly 5 seconds over Darin Callaway.  Ron said, I'd just like to thank everybody for coming out.  This series with the roadsters, most of us are older fellas who are young at heart, and we have a good time out there and are all friends.  It's just a lot of fun to be out here.  


USLCI Bandolero Outlaws feature:  Camden Larsen


USLCI Bandolero Bandits feature:  Cody Kiemele


Skid Plate Cars feature:  Racer X


NASCAR Grand American Modifieds feature:  Doug Hamm won his race by 2.893 seconds over Aaron McMorran.  Doug said, Thank you for Tom Pfundstein for putting me in this car and to Chris Bray and the whole crew.  We lost a motor last night, in practice, put another one in this morning and brought her home.  Thanks to everybody for coming out, and I hope all the kids do well in school this year.


NASCAR Super Stocks feature:  Mason Sargent won his race when Court Connell and Matt Larsen both spun out in the final lap.


USLCI Legends feature:  Tyler Fabozzi won his race by 6.084 seconds over Michael Todd Glazier.  Tyler said, I'm just trying to stay as consistent as possible.  There are no throwaway races, so one DNF and it could be anyone else's championship.  After the re-start, I just got myself to the front as quickly as I could and didn't look back.


NASCAR Super Late Models feature:  Justin Johnson, won his race by .194 of a second in front of Scott Gafforini.  Johnson said, I thing everybody's tires were wearing out, and I saw Scotty backing up to me, so I figured I'd just slow down my entries and get good drive-offs and it paid off.  My car got worse, and Scotty's got better in the last three laps, so I just had to hit my marks and hold him off.  I know the fight was tonight, and I didn't think I'd see anyone in the stands - because I wanted to be there too - so thank you to all the fans for coming out.  

NEXT RACE:  The Bullring will follow Back to School Night with College Night on Saturday, Sept. 9th.  All area college students, teachers and school personnel will be admitted free with their college IDs on the special evening.

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